Reggae, Blues, Buffett and…Bacon?

When I’m at home, you’ll always find music playing. Most often, it’s reggae, blues, Mr. Jimmy Buffett or…The Bacon Brothers — Michael and Kevin. If you’re not familiar with them, yes it’s that Kevin Bacon — the actor — and his older brother, Michael, who is a professional musician. It is great music when you’re in the kitchen cooking up some bacon — what could be better than bacon with Bacon?

I’ve included their song “Go My Way (The iPod Song)” for a taste of what they do. To check out more from The Bacon Brothers click the link!


“Bring home the bacon”…the rest of the story.

I mentioned that bacon would be a magic carpet for this blog, and this is a prime example… I knew little of  Joe Gans or his fight with Oscar Nelson before I researched the phrase, “bring home the bacon.” In doing so, I discovered this brief interview with Washington Post sportswriter William Gildea, author of the new book,  The Longest Fight: In the Ring With Joe Gans, Boxing’s First African-American Champion. He shares some of the Joe Gans story mentioned in my earlier post with interviewer Scott Simon, National Public Radio & KTTZ 89.1-FM, Lubbock, Texas.

A Classic.