A pretty cool bacon fat strainer/grease keeper that I just picked up. Wife will not approve — shhhhhhhhh, let’s just keep this to ourselves for now, shall we? You may learn more about it here.

These strainers/grease keepers are popular, replacing the old coffee can as the repository for bacon grease and meat drippings. People routinely kept bacon grease and drippings through the 60′s  — although the die-hards never gave up the practice, bless ‘em.  For most folks, more advanced cooking choices and healthier eating habits eventually relegated those old Folger’s cans to the landfill. Now, with meat candy’s resurgence, the need for such containers is growing!

Here’s an interesting aside… Did you know that during World War II, the government requested that citizens save their bacon grease and meat drippings for contribution to the war effort? The drippings and grease make  glycerine,  which makes dynamite. One pound of grease/drippings equals one pound of explosive. Who knew that extra strip of bacon or two made you a patriot!

Check out this 1940′s Disney cartoon — even Pluto understood the sacrifice…