Hey There!

I’m Michael Smith, and I launched The Bacon Hunter because I want to share with you my passion for bacon…I love bacon! That’s not all that I love, but for this grand adventure, bacon…and bacon’s cousins, will be mostly what I blog about. I enjoy food from a fan’s perspective — I’m not a professional chef, nor am I employed in the food industry. I work for an internet company that produces legal content…but don’t worry, I’m not an attorney! My beautiful wife and I live in Southern California, and our son and his family live in Spain.

The Bacon Hunter will provide easy to follow recipes, “how-to” videos, audio content and other cool stuff that is “bacon-centric.” I also want to utilize bacon and pork as a catalyst to investigate other things that interest me — and hopefully you — as well. On the magic carpet that is bacon, we’ll explore travel, culture, music, art and technology. Most of all, I want the time you invest in The Bacon Hunter to be joyful, entertaining and interesting. I know it will be fun, and I’m really glad that you’re along for the ride!

Now let’s go cook some bacon!